According to CNN, US prepares charges to seek arrest of WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange.

There’s only one problem; actually, ten problems, listed below, and linked to U.S. hypocrisy, duplicity, and lawbreaking.

WikiLeaks DNC emails have been utilized by everyone from CNN and the DNC, to the acting CIA chief and America’s current president.

Add in the fact every publication from The New York Times to The Washington Post and NPR have published WikiLeaks revelations, the U.S. would eventually have to convict its journalists.

Aside from that pesky thing called the First Amendment, the same rights that protected Daniel Ellsberg after he leaked the Pentagon Papers, WikiLeaks has become too ingrained in American culture to silence. President Trump and the CIA’s Mike Pompeo won’t be able to prosecute Julian Assange or WikiLeaks, primarily because they too are implicated in the dissemination of WikiLeaks emails.

Below are ten reasons President Trump should ignore calls from America’s Deep State to charge Julian Assange and WikiLeaks.


  1. CNN cut ties with Donna Brazile.


CNN, not Putin or Assange, decided that WikiLeaks emails were enough to force the resignation of the DNC’s Donna Brazile. The network stated “We are completely uncomfortable with what we have learned about her interactions with the Clinton campaign while she was a CNN contributor.”


It’s difficult to prove Julian Assange is a threat to the United States when CNN, one of the world’s largest networks (and a station with close ties to Democrats) utilized the corruption exposed by WikiLeaks as the basis to terminate someone’s employment.


  1. Julian Assange has NEVER been charged with a crime.


If you hear otherwise, it’s simply fake news. The United Nations states “he was not formally charged.”


  1. Julian Assange is owed compensation by the UK and Sweden.

The Guardian states a “UN working group says WikiLeaks founder should be offered compensation for being confined to Ecuadorian embassy.”


  1. The United Nations found that Julian Assange is being arbitrarily detained.


The United Nations states clearly that “Julian Assange arbitrarily detained by Sweden and the UK, UN expert panel finds.”

In addition, the UN states “The experts also found that the detention was arbitrary because Mr. Assange was held in isolation at Wandsworth Prison, and because a lack of diligence by the Swedish Prosecutor’s Office in its investigations resulted in his lengthy loss of liberty.”


  1. The United Nations has demanded Julian Assange be freed and allowed to defend himself without legal retaliation from the U.S.

The Guardian writes “The panel calls on the Swedish and British authorities to end Assange’s ‘deprivation of liberty’, respect his physical integrity and freedom of movement and offer him compensation.”

The Guardian  also states “UN panel calls on UK and Sweden to end Julian Assange’s ‘deprivation of liberty.’”


  1. The DNC forced Debbie Wasserman Schultz to resign because of WikiLeaks emails.


Four other DNC officials were forced to resign as well. The U.S. can’t argue Russia forced anyone at the DNC to lose their jobs.


  1. The CIA’s Mike Pompeo accused WikiLeaks of working for America’s enemies, but also unintentionally admitted that he too succumbed to this alleged behavior, since he Tweeted WikiLeaks emails.


Here’s the CIA’s Mike Pompeo, during a time when he valued the work of Julian Assange and WikiLeaks:




The current CIA chief actually wrote “Need further proof that the fix was in Pres. Obama on down? BUSTED: 19,252 Emails from DNC leaked by WikiLeaks.”


Pompeo’s words are forever etched in cyberspace, and his Tweet not only acknowledges he believed the emails were “leaked,” but also that they exposed corruption in President Obama’s White House.


Pompeo even wrote the number of emails, proudly linking the vast amount to a “fix” emanating from the highest levels of the U.S. government.


  1. Here’s President Trump on video stating “WikiLeaks! I love WikiLeaks!”


According to The Hill, President Trump boasted of loving WikiLeaks and used the corruption exposed in WikiLeaks emails to rally support for his campaign:


“I love WikiLeaks,” he told listeners during a campaign rally in Wilkes-Barre, Pa., prompting prolonged “Lock her up!” chants from his audience. “It’s amazing how nothing is secret today when you talk about the Internet.”

Trump then began reading from sheets of paper some of the details revealed by WikiLeaks’s Friday dump of Clinton’s emails.

“In a speech behind closed doors, ‘Crooked Hillary’ said, ‘Terrorism is not a big threat to our nation,’” Trump said. “Terrorism is a big, big threat. We are riding into something very dangerous.

“In another closed door speech, she wanted to have open borders and open trade with everybody. There go the rest of your jobs.”

Trump said emails deleted from Clinton’s private server during her tenure at the State Department represent a scandal without precedent in U.S. history.

“I have never been so ashamed of this country as I have with what’s going on with Hillary Clinton,” he said.  “I have never seen anything like it.  You have never seen anything like it, 33,000 emails – she deletes them.”

WikiLeaks last Friday made public hacked emails detailing Clinton’s paid speeches to major financial firms.


Thus, in addition to Pompeo (before becoming CIA chief), Trump loved WikiLeaks before becoming president.

In fact, Trump has Tweeted about WikiLeaks numerous times, urging news outlets to discuss WikiLeaks revelations.

Trump also defended WikiLeaks during the election.


Trump actually quoted Assange:



Therefore, if WikiLeaks and Assange are guilty of crimes, will the DOJ charge President Trump or Pompeo?

For “working” with Russia, as Democrats believe?

Going after Julian Assange actually bolsters the nonsensical narrative that Trump worked with Russia during the election.


  1. The ACLU believes that President Trump prosecuting WikiLeaks would also mean leveling charges against any American journalist or news agency that discussed WikiLeaks emails.


The ACLU states “Prosecuting Wikileaks would set a dangerous precedent that the Trump administration would surely use to target other news organizations.”


  1. Trump was supposed to “drain the swamp,” not feed the swamp creatures and destroy the First Amendment.


President Trump would face the MOTHER OF ALL FIRST AMENDMENT battles if he charged WikiLeaks or Julian Assange with crimes. He’d eventually have to go after The New York Times and other publications.

Trump would have the Mother of All First Amendment battles during the first term of his presidency. That alone could give a corrupt Democratic Party (experiencing a fracture of epic proportions) the political momentum to win back the White House.

Thus, Trump would have a “Constitutional MOAB.”

I explain several aspects of this “Constitutional MOAB” here:

Finally, it’s difficult to charge WikiLeaks with crimes when President Trump, Mike Pompeo, the DNC, CNN, and every media outlet on the planet would also be complicit in any allegedly criminal activity.

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  1. So let me get this right, the DOJ is going to bring up charges on Assange, the same government that has utilized and been helped by Wikileaks, yet…… The DOJ isn’t going to bring up charges on hillary Clinton after she lie under oath, destroyed evidence, mishandled classified information, took money from ISIS, that can slide but Assange can’t. That’s so fucked up and corrupt I don’t get it man, FUCK

  2. In addition to those, they would also have the burden of proving the source of the leak was a hostile foreign state actor and Seth Rich was obviously not hostile or working with foreign governments.

    1. Exactly!
      Unfortunately, the obvious does not appear to be the perspective of many people?
      It is such a sad situation we are faced with, trying to wake up those that are oblivious to the connections. They are so convinced, or brainwashed, they do not have an open mind. And yet, if of you were to ask them, they may state the opposite to be true in their eyes?
      How do we cope? How do we proceed?

  3. Although I am with you 1000% that Assange should be freed (and declared a hero!), there is some issue with Assange supposedly “directing Chelsea Manning to intercept specific secret information”. So even though the publishing of the information is not a crime, they are saying that the fact that WikiLeaks directed Manning’s illegal activity is the crime. Anyway, there was a good explanation of it on the Lionel Nation channel that I thought you might want to look at.

  4. It looks as though Trump and Pompeo got what they wanted out of Assange. They’re ready to fhugetaboutit him now aren’t they. It’s the “Art of the Deal” in most Manhattan golden tower penthouses isn’t it.

  5. Dear H.A.:

    You underestimate the depth of depravity of those presently in power. They plan to hang the charges on the supposition that Julian Assange was a part of the criminal act of stealing classified documents by urging Chelsea Manning to seal them. As we have all heard (and I believe)…Chelsea Manning was tortured while in prison…and we have no way of knowing what she may have said under that hideous duress. If they try and convict Assange in absentia…that could be “check and Mate.”

    The next thing you want to ask is “WHY?” Why silence the voice of truth and reason? Has there been any administration since JFK that tolerated the voices of truth and reason? Now that Trump is president…does he want the truth to be known about the purported gas attacks in Syria? What is behind the sudden saber rattling with North Korea? Why should we now take the fat boy with the bad barber seriously? Why are we “effing” with China? Right now I would prefer that Trump would go…build a wall…or something.

    We MUST find a way of defending Assange to protect him and Wikileaks

  6. Bradley Manning said he leaked the information of his own accord. God knows what ‘Chelsea Manning’ has said. What did they do to / her ?; there’s a legal case in itself – if Chelsea is out in May and hasn’t had her memory completely wiped, the issue of legality lies in arbitrary detention and the use of torture against a patriot for exposing criminal activity in the organisation they work for. All whistleblowers who expose criminals are protected by law.. the problem is, there are some criminals who still have their jobs and illusion or delusions of power and are petrified of being exposed for what they really are ..

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