The extremely powerful corporate conglomerates which comprise the mainstream media are lying to you about everything. By this I don’t mean that the individual stories reported by corporate media outlets have no basis in fact, I mean that they’ve been lying to you about your world, your country, your society, your government and the way it all works for as long as you’ve been alive. They are more or less telling the truth when they report that a celebrity has died or that a cute little white kid has gone missing, but they are knowingly lying about the big picture within which those small events happen.

Throughout the course of my humble little gig here I’ve been trying to highlight this fact by pointing out the individual lies of these corporate media giants, like the time CNN knowingly staged a fake interview featuring a seven year-old girl who can’t speak English reading scripted war propaganda to their unsuspecting audience, or the way they’ve been relentlessly promulgating the debunked Russiagate conspiracy theory, but these can still be looked at as isolated instances by those not quite ready to look straight at the reality of the all-encompassing web of deceit that these corporate giants have been weaving. Luckily, this can be done simply by applying logic and reason to the simple, undeniable fact that the world is shitty right now and the status quo doesn’t work.

The most damning indictment of the mainstream media is the status quo itself. While the vacuous talking heads on TV tell you which politicians you should vote for or which ones you should have voted for, US policy marches on unchanged regardless of who is in office, with neoliberal domestic policies creating greater and greater wealth inequality while choking Americans to death and incarcerating those who get lost in the shuffle in the largest prison population in the history of civilization, and neoconservative foreign policies pouring unfathomable amounts of money and resources into shoring up an unrivaled empire which stomps into the dust any government which dares oppose it. While they assure you that the greatest threats you should concern yourself with are Islamic terrorists, Russian hackers, the opposing political party and the president’s latest tweet, our species is hurtling toward extinction via climate chaos if these insane escalations between two nuclear superpowers don’t get us killed first.

Between stories about celebrity deaths and missing white kids, these propagandists for the US oligarchy tell you that your vote is a real thing that makes a difference in the way your country behaves; that the US political system operates just like how they taught you in school. They speak as though democracy is not 100 percent dead in America, where money fully dominates the behavior of government, a corrupt two-party system with barely distinguishable parties is rigidly enforced, and one of those two parties openly asserts that it has no obligation to hold real party primaries. They report enthusiastically on nonsense and bullshit instead of telling you what’s really happening. They lie about everything.

If the mainstream media were not lying about everything, the world would look completely different from the way it looks today. People would be using the real, non-imaginary power of their votes to make informed, reality-based choices in their own healthy self-interest to create a government that helps them instead of helping the predatory billionaire owners of multinational corporations and banks. Resources would go toward helping the public instead of going toward corporate welfare, tax breaks for government-buying plutocrats, and the military-industrial complex. America would have the best healthcare system instead of the worst. Both government and citizenry would be using the true information given to them by the media to create a more enjoyable nation to live in.

This of course has not happened. The five giant corporate conglomerateswhich control virtually all media in America today work toward ensuring that the system which so immensely benefits their plutocrat owners becomes more and more beneficial to those plutocrat owners, and strengthening the powerful alliances those plutocrats have formed with the rest of America’s unelected power establishment. They do this by selling the public lies.

Has it not been your experience that basing your decisions and behavior on truth and integrity is more efficacious than basing them on lies? If you lived your life based on truth and integrity instead of deceit, would you be failing in every conceivable way and hurtling toward self destruction the way your society is currently doing? Of course not. Humanity isn’t hurtling toward self destruction because its behavior is being informed by truth, humanity is hurtling toward self destruction because its behavior has been informed by lies. And the people who are responsible for advancing those lies appear before you every day in the mainstream media.

That’s really the only conceivable possibility. The only other possibility is that the mainstream media tells the truth with integrity, but that acting in alignment with truth and integrity necessarily leads to madness and self destruction. You know from your own experience that this is not the case in this reality, so you can know for certain that you are being lied to by the mainstream media. Join the media war and kill the lying establishment propaganda machine so that our species may begin informing its behavior with truth instead of lies. Our survival depends on it. The status quo that these liars support does not work, and is killing us. We cannot keep doing this.

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    1. HA,

      Did you place an ad for conspiracy theorists? This is another fact free rant about conspiracies which couldn’t possibly exist because EVERYONE BLABS in DC. How could any conspiracy survive this lack of secrecy? And Caitlin wants us to support her? Seriously? I’ll reserve my meager donations for those providing fact and logic based opinions, like HA, and honest quality independent journalists like Tim Pool.

      Rantasaurus need not apply – Charlie

      1. My god, Charlie! Are you trying to tell us you believe Russia hacked the election, the DNC is impartial and Bana Alabed is fluent in English and expressing her own thoughts? It almost makes me wish you were here in the same room with me so I could point at you and laugh!

      2. Yes, everyone blabs, unless their and their families’ lives are in danger, in which case they whisper and cannot provide proof. And yes, the Russians are always hacking us, just like the NSA and CIA are always hacking them and everyone else. Big deal. The real deal is that this is all a distraction from the truth of the actions of the DNC and what Hillary wants to hide. It is also another card in the neocon/neolib strategy to justify more war and money spent on conquering Russia.

  1. Everytime I see Noam Chomsky try to fight the mass media, I am reminded that he has bought the official lie about 9/11.

  2. I know the media is full of shit, the propagandists have convinced their brainwashed viewers that they always know best simply because they made it out of a birth canal before I did. It doesn’t stop me from speaking truth to them but they sure as hell don’t listen.

  3. The thing I marvel at is it’s the best and brightest speakers/writers of English (in this case) who get jobs in journalism, and have long careers, and most of them remain under the distinct impression that they are true paragons of virtue. It’s just as easy to trick “smart” people as it is the plebs, it seems. Especially when there’s a pay cheque involved.

  4. Caitlin, I was considering forwarding this piece to others, but your including the tweet from Claus Koenig and the related video prevents me from doing so, because for certain anybody else seeing that will think “This is bunk” and use it to discredit the entire piece because they don’t want to change their world view.
    And really, what’s the point of including it? It might be true, but if I were to believe it, then I wouldn’t bother trying to fight the MSM.

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