You don’t have to be a Trump lover to cheer like a WWE fan every time the powerful media corporations who manipulate the way Americans think and vote smash their brains against this administration like a pigeon into a clean window pane and slide lifeless to the floor. These deep state propagandists have been crying like a spoiled child whose mom can’t afford the latest video game console ever since the president tweeted a video depicting Trump laying the smackdown on CNN, and their tears taste like they were brewed by Oompa-Loompas. I’ve viewed this tweet an embarrassing number of times, and I am still ridiculously happy that this is a thing that can happen in this timeline:

Haha! Boom! Hope you like the taste of ringside canvass, Jeff Zucker!

CNN and its barely-distinguishable peers from the rest of the corporate media soup have been decrying the tweet with infinitely more vitriol and panic than they have ever applied to any US president’s war crimes, proclaiming that Trump has “declared war” upon the press and is “inciting violence” against them.

Nice. You’re really earning those million dollar paychecks, fellas. “The press! The press! He’s attacking the press! Won’t someone please think of the press?” Personally I’m a little curious about what’s happening in Syria and if we’re all about to be drawn into a world war with a nuclear superpower and its allies, but fuck me, right? We need to worry about Trump retweeting a shooped video about “the press”.

But who is “the press”, exactly? Is it really the handful of extremely powerful media entities that Trump has been criticizing? Would there really be a big empty hole where the press used to be if the president succeeded in undermining them? Is it really accurate to say, as these pundits have been claiming, that Trump is attacking the press whenever they refuse to bend the knee and worship him like a god?

No, no, and no. In reality “the press” is made up of far more than just the handful of corporate media giants that the president has been taking swings at. The Supreme Court found in 1938’s Lovell v. City of Griffin that the press is “every sort of publication which affords a vehicle of information and opinion.” It’s not just the few gargantuan media conglomerates who have figured out how to make billions and billions of dollars peddling establishment propaganda for the oligarchs who own them, it’s the alternative media, bloggers, Youtubers, tweeters, social commentators, book authors, and the obscure little zine publisher downtown.

It’s also WikiLeaks.

Contrary to ignorant claims made by CIA Director Mike Pompeothe First Amendment doesn’t give rights to US citizens, it sets limits on the government’s ability to limit free speech. It doesn’t matter that Julian Assange is an Australian citizen, his press freedom is just as constitutionally protected in the United States as anyone else’s. He is just as much a part of the press as CNN, MSNBC, the New York Times or any of the other corporate media outlets currently shrieking bloody murder claiming Trump’s criticism is “inciting violence” against them. Which is really weird considering how many personnel from these corporate media outlets have actively called for Assange’s actual, literal assassination. Where was the outcry then?

The absolute gall of these corporatist hobgoblins to speak of themselves as though they provide America a service it needs, as though the world wouldn’t be vastly better off if they all went out of business tomorrow, is astounding. You want to know what would happen if these giant corporations folded? It would become harder for the military-industrial complex to manufacture support for its corporatist bloodbaths, a few plutocrats would lose a lot of money, some companies would have to find other television programs to advertise on, and people would start thinking for themselves. That’s it. The press would remain perfectly intact, just minus a few cancerous tumors.

Corporate media are not “the press”. They are a part of the press, and for that reason enjoy the same constitutional protections as all the other parts of the press, but they are by far the least healthy part. As much as I dislike Trump, his administration has undeniably been great for shaking up the media war and creating enough movement to force a lot of the lies and manipulations to stand out against the background. It is only a matter of time before people just can’t stomach these obsolete dinosaurs anymore and they finally fade away once and for all.

And they know it. They can hear their end roaring ever closer. They aren’t afraid of anyone “inciting violence” against them, they’re afraid of the world waking up.

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  1. Notice how Trump hasn’t uttered a word against Seymour Hersh, who proved that his Syria attack was based on a total fabrication? I wonder why–maybe because Hersh is a real journalist and not a propagandist masquerading as one.

    The most disappointing media figure since Trump’s election has to be Olbermann. Back during the Bush years, he was one of the few in the corporate media who seemed like he really understood (or at least was willing to admit) just how corrosive America’s illegal wars are. Now, he’s just another poodle.

  2. They brought this on themselves, they’re losing their audience (except for the still brainwashed over 45s) because people have no use for their lies and manipulations. If they did the job of the press they would inform the public and hold the elected accountable rather than misinform for ratings and manufacturing consent for endless war.

  3. The corporate media is getting exactly what it deserves. They are the ones that created Trump and it’s all kinds of awesome schadenfreude that he is exposing them for what they really are: fake news. I can’t wait to see what’s next.

  4. The point isn’t that Trump is inviting violence against reporters/journalists

    Well, if that’s the case, violence against journalists, then CNN shouldn’t have any fear, since they have NO journalists, only stenographers, LIARS and propagandists.

  5. The are supposedly journalists, but think wrestling is real!
    And OMG, Trump is putting them in danger; somebody might really throw a CNN journalist down on the ground! It’s horrible!

  6. Of course, if Trump really wanted to slam CNN and the MSM, he’d reinstate regulations which prevented the massive media companies from forming in the first place. But since he’s an oligarch, like the rest of them, it will never happen.

  7. Trump is awesome. He is truly a delight and watching him troll the corporate media is a thing of beauty to behold.

    It’s so hilarious and could only come from a leftist organization like CNN that the kathy griffin debacle is simple ‘freedom of speech’ but the playacting of choreographed wrestling is an actual call for violence. So much stupidity. So much evil. And so much for cnn putting an end to the meme wars. I have a feeling they are just starting.

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