Focus only on Trump, they say.

Trump’s victory is an anomaly and he’ll be impeached soon, believe smart Democratic strategists.

Repeat the same Democratic playbook of circling the wagons and ignoring blatant hypocrisy, while addressing only Trump’s flaws. This way Democrats will win, even though they lost miserably in 2016 utilizing the same failed strategies.

Trump’s executive orders should be the only focus, even after Democrats literally elevated Trump into the White House.

Keith Olbermann just blamed Jill Stein for Trump, as if Clinton’s two FBI criminal investigations weren’t a factor in the election. Here’s Olbermann’s unhinged Tweet blaming Jill Stein for Clinton’s $1.2 billion loss:

In the ongoing Democratic civil war, the Keith Olbermann-type pundits ignore Bernie Sanders being cheated, Democrats elevating Trump and Jill Stein embodying progressive values. The DNC continues its war of attrition on two fronts; attacking Trump while at the same time silencing progressives who dare challenge the neoliberal paradigm. This two-front battle resulted in Trump, but scorned Democrats refuse to acknowledge relevant lessons from the election.

Olbermann owes Jill Stein an apology, but then again, Keith Olbermann and other Democratic performance artists don’t care about banning fracking. Jill Stein has a Green New Deal that would address climate change in a dramatic manner, but establishment Democrats would much rather have regulations; nothing paradigm changing. Unlike Democrats, Jill Stein wants to “Create millions of jobs by transitioning to 100% clean renewable energy by 2030, and investing in public transit, sustainable agriculture, and conservation.”

Democrats love to say Trump is dangerous, yet never have bold answers to grandiose questions. By 2030, all Democrats envision are more EPA regulations, not an economy running on renewable energy. They’d rather complain about Trump’s plans for the EPA than tackle climate change from a profound and structural vantage point. Of course, this “pragmatism” led to Trump and a Republican Congress; voters aren’t compelled by regulations, they’re motivated by ideals.

There’s a reason Bernie Sanders was able to fund a competitive campaign without Wall Street and simply with the help of small donors.

Focus on bold policies, Democrats, the Cold War is over. Like President Obama told Mitt Romney (before Russia needed to become a scapegoat), the 80’s want their foreign policy back:

“Gov. Romney, I’m glad you recognize al-Qaida is a threat, because a few months ago when you were asked what is the biggest geopolitical group facing America, you said Russia, not al-Qaida,” Obama said. “You said Russia. And the 1980s are now calling to ask for their foreign policy back. Because the Cold War has been over for 20 years. But Governor, when it comes to our foreign policy, you seem to want to import the foreign policies of the 1980s, just like the social policy of the 1950s, and the economic policies of the 1920s.”

This quote symbolizes how far Democrats have fallen since 2012.

Most importantly, Democrats don’t understand the significance of Trump having better favorability ratings than Clinton in March of 2017. Even after the immigrant ban, Russian hacking hysteria and subsequent media frenzy, people still possess a more favorable view of Trump than Clinton. In a surreal moment of non-partisanship, The Washington Post wrote Good news for Donald Trump: Your poll numbers are now better than Hillary Clinton’s.

Focus on Trump’s financial deregulation, not breaking up Too Big to Fail Banks, they say.

Even Democratic attacks on Trump highlight the Democratic Party’s weaknesses. From foreign policy to Wall Street (Obama got the U.S. into Yemen), every Trump misstep can be traced to a Democratic policy running contrary to progressive ideals, or tepid reforms that don’t address the root causes of climate change, market crashes, etc. There’s a reason Elizabeth Warren doesn’t mention breaking up Too Big to Fail Banks like she did years earlier. There’s also a convenient reason Democrats condemn Trump’s travel ban, while ignoring Obama’s Libya debacle; an intervention that exacerbated the global refugee crisis.

The double-edged sword of groupthink allows the DNC to raise money despite cheating Bernie Sanders, while at the same time demanding complete loyalty from progressives. Also, the meanings of certain words have changed since the 2016 election. Evidence is no longer something factual; just ask BuzzFeed.

In today’s liberal political establishment, the NSA’s “moderate confidence” about Russian hacking is viewed as evidence.

When Trump accused Obama of wiretapping him without evidence, there was no discussion about his level of confidence regarding the claim. Media never reported Trump had “high confidence” like the CIA and FBI. His audacity in making a claim without solid evidence sparked immediate condemnation and fact checkers behaved like meth addicts searching for the next hit.

Sadly, these same internet sleuths ignored Clinton’s lies about never receiving anything marked classified, or the FBI’s “security review.”

Why bring up Hillary Clinton?

When Democrats and media gleefully paved the way for a lying Democrat, they unknowingly legitimized a Trump presidency. After the fanatical efforts of liberal media to protect Clinton from valid critique, fact checking Trump from now until eternity won’t win back Congress or the White House. For two years, Americans were told that all politicians lie and all politicians endure scandals.

Now they say focus on Trump’s lies, not Obama’s mistakes that resulted in a Trump presidency and certainly not Hillary Clinton. Clinton is said to be a footnote in history by the same people who’d start another Cold War because of her loss to Trump. Forget the $1.2 billion lost, Tom Perez will raise even more money in 2020.

Conflicts of interest were justified and bending of the truth was defended by the same people attacking Trump for similar ethical violations. Vox, Slate and other Clinton public relations firms simply glossed over ongoing FBI criminal probes while conveying the message that Bernie Sanders could never win the White House.

Now America has President Trump. Executive orders pertaining to the repeal of EPA regulations and immigrant bans have Democrats and media in a frenzy. Instead of looking in the mirror and evaluating how Obama’s policies or Democratic failures led to a Republican controlled White House and Congress, the same flawed strategies are being repeated by America’s liberal establishment.

Listen to us, and don’t deviate from the script.

First, blame Russia for Democrats losing the election.

Democrats wasted $1.2 billion championing a losing candidate and the biggest lesson learned was Russian hackers might have hacked DNC servers. The FBI hasn’t examined these servers (the DNC refused the FBI’s request to analyze the servers), but just trust us, we wouldn’t lie to you.

Second, always view important revelations from WikiLeaks as a threat, lest they be used to criticize Obama, Clinton or Democrats.

By the way, this is the same manner cults deceive members into blind obedience.

What were the reactions of many liberal publications to WikiLeaks Vault 7?

Groundbreaking revelations about the CIA possibly hacking into cars, television sets, cell phones and computers were ignored by many “liberal” publications because they undermined Democratic myths.

The Washington Post published a piece titled WikiLeaks doesn’t raise doubts about who hacked the DNC. We still know it was Russia.

Even before Vault 7, Vox articles filled with innuendo and passive aggressive accusation eventually resulted in admissions like “Again, none of these even hint that Assange is a Russian agent.”

Max Boot, one of the neoconservatives who still view Iraq and regime change in a positive manner, wrote a piece titled WikiLeaks has joined the Trump administration. Towards the end of a innuendo filled diatribe linking WikiLeaks to Putin and Trump, Boot was forced to write “Again, maybe this is entirely coincidental.”

Funny how 85 donors who met with Secretary Clinton gave the Clinton Foundation $156 million, yet Vox, Boot and others didn’t see foul play.

Of course, DNC servers have never been analyzed by the FBI, which is why this petition is over 3,000 signatures in just two days.

Sign this petition if you believe the FBI or another government agency should at least be allowed to examine DNC servers before another person is accused of being a Russian spy.

Have Democrats learned from 2016? Nothing exemplifies America’s Orwellian politics better than John Podesta Tweeting about his latest Washington Post article:

Why Podesta was hired by The Washington Post, and why he’s focused more on Russian hacking than issues important to Democratic voters, is proof Democrats are heading for more losses.

Then there’s Congresswoman Maxine Waters furthering the notion Trump’s Russia ties will lead to impeachment:

If financial ties to Russia were grounds for impeachment, then this legal framework would also apply to a New York Times piece titled Cash Flowed to Clinton Foundation Amid Russian Uranium Deal. By the way, the following Snopes piece does absolutely nothing to refute the New York Times headline; the standard by which Trump is being judged by Cold War Democrats would have resulted long ago in Clinton indictments.

Do you think Democrats have a date circled for a green economy running on renewable energy sources? No, but rest assured they’re focused entirely on how many Russians met with Trump. This Tweet says it all:

Trump met with a Russian ambassador, therefore he’s the next Aldrich Ames. Meanwhile, Democrats completely ignore the New York Times report stating “And shortly after the Russians announced their intention to acquire a majority stake in Uranium One, Mr. Clinton received $500,000 for a Moscow speech from a Russian investment bank with links to the Kremlin that was promoting Uranium One stock.”

Meeting a Russian? Impeachment!

$500,000 from a Kremlin bank? Quiet, Trump is dangerous!

Also, Trump lied about President Obama wiretapping him!

Perhaps, but as Edward Snowden explains, the U.S. government doesn’t need a warrant to spy on anyone:

When Americans find out Trump is on tape, speaking to a member of his team under FBI surveillance, the issue of a sitting president spying on an incoming president will destroy the current Democratic narrative.

I explain the repercussions of Congress getting involved with the wiretap fiasco in the following H. A. Goodman YouTube segment:

I also discuss Trump’s wiretap claim with my good friend Tim Black in the latest No Sellouts, a show Tim and I have every Monday at 9:00 p.m. EST.

Democrats aren’t focused on policy, just vapid guilt by association that would have (if the strategy was effective) destroyed Bill and Hillary Clinton’s careers long ago. Trump, with all his faults, focuses on conservative policies. I’m not a fan of his policies and voted for Bernie and then Jill Stein, but Trump voters love the president. They’ll show up to the polls in 2020.

Currently, Democrats are experiencing a fracture that widens with every Keith Olbermann Tweet. Establishment Democrats still feel that reliving the election will galvanize voters, however McCarthy Era politics don’t resonate well with most progressives. Democrats should focus on the Voting Rights Amendment Act of 2015, not linking every conversation with a Russian ambassador to treason. Unfortunately, most Democrats would rather call Trump a racist than actually ensure the Voting Rights Act is protected. That’s why Trump is on his way to reelection and Democrats will once again find another adversary to blame in 2020.

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  1. The Dems don’t have any chance for two reasons. First, for decades they have been more associated with the ruling governmental class, and a healthy majority of Americans think that governments are either costing too much, not providing needed services, or a combination of the two. Ergo, if government stinks, so do the Democrats. Second, they take corporate dollars. Why be half baked by voting for the Dems when you can go full corporate boogie by voting for the GOP.

  2. I feel bad for all the safety pins that have been dragged into the Resist “movement”. Olbermann should really STFU before he finds himself being taken away to the insane asylum during one of his segments.

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