Democrats and progressives too frightened of Trump to demand major DNC reforms must review the following timeline.

First, Debbie Wasserman Schultz and other DNC officials were forced to resign for cheating Bernie Sanders.

In a twist of fate, POLITICO stated “With just three months until Election Day and the Democrats’ official party apparatus struggling to right itself from months of dysfunction and the scandal caused by the WikiLeaks email hack, interim Democratic National Committee chair Donna Brazile cleaned house Tuesday with the ouster of three top officials.”

Yes, Donna Brazile forced others to resign for cheating Bernie.

Welcome to Democratic politics.

Before becoming DNC chair after Wasserman’s resignation, WikiLeaks reported Donna Brazil’s bias against Bernie:

Then, the same organization Democrats fear (because it exposes DNC corruption) uncovered Donna Brazile feeding debate questions to Hillary Clinton before a debate with Bernie Sanders:


When CNN severed ties with Brazile because of these WikiLeaks revelations, the DNC chair lashed out at CNN:

Then, Donna Brazile blamed Russia when confronted by TYT’s Jordan Chariton:

After repeatedly denying and evading responsibility for handing questions to Hillary Clinton, and cheating Bernie Sanders in the process, Brazile never faced any consequences.

In the following H. A. Goodman YouTube segment several days before Election Day, I asked why Donna Brazile never sued CNN for wrongful termination, if indeed Russia hacked the DNC and she was telling the truth regarding never feeding question to Clinton:

Now, Donna Brazile finally admits giving Clinton debate questions, while simply calling the act a “mistake”:

After Democratic lies, cheating, and overt bullying, Americans are told we must all unite to defeat Trump’s lies, cheating and overt bulling of opponents.

Even Bernie Sanders Facebook groups are filled with progressives who want to turn the page and address the urgency of defeating Trump; calling for unity with a Democratic Party that overtly cheated their candidate.

The problem, however, is that Trump is on his way to winning in 2020. Democrats demand proof of Trump’s wiretap claim without providing evidence of Trump’s collusion with Russia. Evidence isn’t “moderately confident” NSA assessments, by the way. Even former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper states there’s “no evidence” of collusion between Trump and Russia. Every political attack launched by the Democratic Party against Trump backfires, from Rachel Maddow’s Trump tax debacle to publicizing Clinton winning the popular vote.

Speaking of Clinton, even the mere mention of hdr22@clintonemail dot com running again in 2020 sends waves of panic among progressives, not just conservatives. I’ve actually been accused of trying to cause division among Democrats by publicizing her eventual return to politics.

In addition, Bernie Sanders is quoted in The Guardian giving the perfect description of Democrats:

“There are some people in the Democratic Party who want to maintain the status quo. They would rather go down with the Titanic so long as they have first-class seats.”

Democrats hit the iceberg when they cheated Bernie, and Donna Brazile’s admission of passing questions, as well as the liberal fascination with McCarthy Era politics, spells doom for the fractured political party.

Although Bernie Sanders is the most popular politician in American, Democrats would rather go down with the ship than combat Trump with Bernie’s ideals and value system. Nobody on the left is looking into the mirror and evaluating how we got to massive budget cuts, immigrant bans, and a possible border wall. Tom Perez, not Samuel Ronan or Keith Ellison is now DNC chair. Jill Stein and the Green Party are blamed by Keith Olbermann and others for Trump, even though Clinton worked to elevate the New York billionaire.

Therefore, here’s yet another warning to people terrified of Trump.

Democrats didn’t listen when I warned them in a 2015 Hill article titled Why Sanders defeats Trump, but Trump defeats Clinton.

They didn’t listen when I was on MSNBC explaining that superdelegates must choose Bernie Sanders in order to defeat Trump. 

Once again, I’m giving some very simple advice.

Trump is not the biggest political adversary faced by progressives, or loyal Democratic voters.

Trump is a Republican, and Americans knows what Republicans stand for; Trump is the epitome of their value system in many ways.

On the other hand, progressive voters duped once more into thinking Democrats care about their ideals have fallen for the same fear mongering that ushered in a Trump presidency. The notion of “resisting” Trump will lead to more election losses if resistance is only complaining about Trump’s policies or continuing to label him as crazy. This strategy failed once and will fail again.

What progressives, or liberal voters angered with Trump’s policies must do is threaten to break away from the DNC and Democratic Party.

They must demand Bernie Sanders run again in 2020, with either Nina Turner or Tulsi Gabbard as a running mate.

Voters fearful of “Nazis” and “alt-Right” ideologues must first resist the centrist neoliberal ideologues who looked the other way when Obama entered the war in Yemen, waged a war on wistleblowers, increased mass surveillance, and conducted a failed regime change in Libya. Had Trump done these things, they would have been labeled as “fascist” by a liberal media eager to impeach the current president.

Democrats must refuse to unite with the same Democrats who demand loyalty, without showing loyalty to its most passionate voters.

No unity, until there’s assurance Bernie or any other bold progressive voice won’t be cheated again in 2020, or even 2018.

If you fall for the same song and dance, and Trump wins yet again, don’t say I didn’t warn you. Democrats are more focused on perpetuating fear over Russian hackers than advocating the Voting Rights Amendment Act of 2015. Until they spend as much energy championing progressive ideals as they do blaming Russia, refuse to unite with the same people who cheated Bernie and elevated Trump.

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  1. Watching Adam Schiff’s opening remarks this morning only underscores Democratic failed leadership, past and ongoing. How long will it take for them to realize the Russia hysteria is a losing strategy? The primary fraud, despite Donna Brazille’s “apology” apparently is of no consequence which indicates the continued hold the Clintons have on the party. I’m stickin’ with the facts which H. A. consistently lays out.

  2. It’s refreshing to see this fiasco illustrated with common sense and clarity! Thank you.

    As a former Democrat (Independent now!) I am absolutely disgusted with the neoliberal agenda of the Democratic party. Democratic leaders have inflicted deep wounds into the party for their own personal benefit. If the Democratic party has any hope of staying relevant into the future they must oust the corrupt oligarchs and bridge the gap with liberals they have alienated.

  3. As I keep coming across similar populist statements by Bernie & Donald, and Donald’s history of donating to Democrats, I wonder if Donald shouldn’t just switch back his uniform in 2020.

  4. Nice work, you will always be correct when you speak the truth. I am a big fan from London, i liked the debate you had with Benjamin Dixon very articulate dismantling of his brainwashing on the issue of Russia, you were to polite to just tell him to stop carrying water for the DNC and Madam Clinton. I don’t think you got through to him but you planted loads of seeds, never stop attacking the DNC for there betrayal of Bernie, progressive movement, Keith’s assimilation and there future endeavors. Long may the truth keep flowing from Wikileaks.



  5. Wouldn’t it be better to give ALL debate questions to the participants a week before the debate? Shouldn’t our interest be in reasoned policy and philosophy based answers instead of a candidate’s spur of the moment performance ability?

    1. Good idea. It is the answers that count not the ability to improvise. Besides, we will all know what issues will be discussed, and possibly offer suggestions.

  6. “I believe we will never again know peace, nor in all probability survive very long as a nation, unless we abolish the CIA, restore intelligence collection the the State Department, and remove all but purely military functions for the Pentagon. Even if we did those things, the mystique of America as a model democracy may have been damaged beyond repair. Certainly, under the best of circumstances, it will take a generation or more to overcome the image of “America as torturer.”

    ~ Chalmers Johnson, “Nemisis (2007)” his third book in what has become known as the Blowback Trilogy (Blowback (2000) and the Sorrows of Empire(2004), where he shows how imperial overstretch is undermining the republic itself, both economically and politically.

    Because the Democrats are funded by these same interests and complicit in creating this situation, I have no hope that they’ll be able to do anything different. #DemExit #GreenEnter

  7. Congrats on having this article tweeted by WikiLeaks!

    Small typo below: whistleblower

    “Voters fearful of “Nazis” and “alt-Right” ideologues must first resist the centrist neoliberal ideologues who looked the other way when Obama entered the war in Yemen, waged a war on wistleblowers, increased mass surveillance, and conducted a failed regime change in Libya.”

    Keep up the GREAT work HA!

  8. No matter what you say or think about Donna Brazile,The Democrats or Hillary Clinton at least they didn’t cozy up to Putin and his cronies!

  9. H.A. — Typo: “Voters fearful of ‘Nazis’… WHISTLEBLOWERS has a typo. You may delete my comment after correction is made.

  10. Great article. I hope some of those corporate democrats reads this and the comments to see how spot on you are, and how angry we still are at them for giving us Trump. We won’t defeat Trump with Oprah(no hate) or another inexperienced reality star, we can’t beat the stupid and shallow Republicans at their own game. We have to beat him with a strong and well known progressive in 2020 and we can reduce the damage he will do by electing more progressives into office starting now.

  11. I agree with most of this article. I don’t know what’s going on with anything anymore. Americans are so easily persuaded. Roiting because of a travel band. Meanwhile, They don’t I even see that it takes A Americans up to six weeks to get a passport, and that’s literally 2 weeks more than the Travel band. And the news is literally only talking about Trump and Russia…All day long. And while people keep talking about Russia, why isn’t anyone on the Hacked Documents getting into at least trouble for the actions of the DNC? Nothing in this country is working; not the Republic, media, or the people. Regan once said..The experiment of democracy is a success..” But it’s not, it’s a failure, we just haven’t got to the bad part yet. It failed as soon as the American people were fooled in believing it was a democracy, when in fact, were a Republic, and that experiment has already been done…And failed. The only thing that works in America is capitalism, and that only works because of the external forces at work…Such as the Federal Reserve, OPEC, ECT..We live in a sham, a nation consumed by ignorance and pride. When will we WAKE UP, AND SEE, SOMETHING ELSE IS OCCURING, AND WERE JUST TOI CAUGHT UP TO SEE IT ..ITS SLIGHT OF HAND.

  12. Thank You for all the work you have done H.A.G.
    Like you I am so disgusted with many of Democrats, As a Independent voter that was duped into voting for Hillary, Patty Murray, Jay Inslee.
    Republicans in Democrat clothing. Never again!!!
    This is in Washington State.
    I will be canvasing and helping out any true progressive that are going to be running against them.
    This is the only way to get our great country back and maybe save the world.
    Actions speak louder than words, just because they are wearing the Democratic blue, that doesn’t mean anything,…… What way are they VOTING
    For the People that voted them in, or are they voting for their own pocket book.

    1. A hack? Could be …. but then again there is Seth Richards… the young man who had access to Hillary’s server who was found with the two shotgun blasts in his back. Crimes like that never go without word from the street – unless they are an outside job. Not one word – not even a huge reward can bring evidence up. I guess it’s an old story by now ……

  13. Whose blaming the Democrats for all this smoke about Russia? It certainly isn’t anyone I know in the local party – it’s primarily the Clinton Machine and the Media. When Julian Assange partially broke his vow of never naming his contributors by saying that it was NOT the Russians … we knew it was over for the Democratic Party.

  14. Hi, I’m an independent who voted for Trump. Just wanted to say I enjoyed your article (found through the Wikileaks post) I liked Bernie too, and I was disheartened to see him stabbed in the back. I feel that more people (on ALL sides) should look more closely into who owns/influences the media outlets and who actually benefits from spinning news. For instance I was sharing articles left and right about the keystone pipeline thing, until I read that Warren Buffet owns the trucking company that is delivering the fuel in lieu of the pipeline. Things can be a step more complicated than they seem on the surface, just guard yourselves from conspiracy nuts.

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