I’ve been told I speak too often about Hillary Clinton.

Let it go, they say.

It’s over, she lost.

Bernie endorsed Clinton.

Let’s unite and defeat Trump.

There’s only one problem.

When people like Claire McCaskill label Bernie Sanders as “too liberal” and “extreme” to be president, don’t complain when a Republican who’s too conservative and extreme becomes president.

The only reason Democrats are obsessed with Russian hacking (NSA has only “moderate confidence” in the narrative, by the way) is because Clinton lost to Trump.

Democrats lost because they failed to push for bold answers to grandiose questions. Trump offered ideas and gave answers; something centrist Democrats never viewed as pragmatic. Trump won the election.

Trump’s attempt to repeal the ACA is a direct result of Democratic hubris.

Liberals did their best to destroy a truly progressive, grass roots movement. In the process, these liberals lost to Trump, after everyone in the media and politics assured voters Clinton had already won the election. Now the Affordable Care Act is being slowly dismantled by a Republican alternative that’s the antithesis of Bernie’s plan.

America could have been debating the merits of single payer healthcare had Democrats not cheated Bernie Sanders in 2016. Instead of reaching for the lofty goal of insuring all Americans under Bernie’s Medicare for All plan, Clinton and others viewed single payer to be unrealistic. Because of this lack of vision, and because the DNC tilted the scales in favor of Hillary Clinton, we now have Trump’s Obamacare repeal.

If Democrats knew people would die from Obamacare repeal, why did they cheat Bernie Sanders?

Does this make the DNC complicit in murder?

If you need to spend more time bemoaning the evils of Trump’s healthcare replacement, and the dangers of Obamacare repeal, just read the latest Slate article. If you remember how Democrats attacked Bernie Sanders and his goal of single payer, keep reading. Then, take a moment to read a CBS News article titled Hillary Clinton: Single-payer health care will “never, ever” happen:

“I want you to understand why I am fighting so hard for the Affordable Care Act,” she said at Grand View University after hearing from a woman who spoke about her daughter receiving cancer treatment thanks to the health care law. “I don’t want it repealed, I don’t want us to be thrown back into a terrible, terrible national debate. I don’t want us to end up in gridlock. People can’t wait!”

She added, “People who have health emergencies can’t wait for us to have a theoretical debate about some better idea that will never, ever come to pass.”

“That’s what our campaign is about, it is thinking big,” Sanders said at a primary debate earlier this month. Accomplishing goals like implementing single-payer health care (or “Medicare for all”) is dependent on reducing the influence of big corporations, he argued. “Nothing real will get [done] unless we have a political revolution where millions of people finally stand up.”

Clinton and most Democrats, by failing to reach for the stars and push for single payer, not only paved the way for Obamacare repeal, but also extinguished the flame of progressive hopes. Like Bernie Sanders said, “Nothing real will get [done] unless we have a political revolution where millions of people finally stand up.”

The most insidious element of Clinton’s attacks on Bernie’s single payer was perpetuating the falsehood that people would actually lose coverage under single payer.

Then, Clinton promptly spent $1.2 billion losing to Trump.

Of course, it was the Democratic paradigm in 2016 to destroy the hopes of progressives on every issue, from banning fracking to breaking up Too Big to Fail Banks.

Clinton’s public relations firms also echoed the same message, as illustrated by Ezra Klein in a Vox piece titled Bernie Sanders’s single-payer plan isn’t a plan at all:

In the absence of these kinds of specifics, Sanders has offered a puppies-and-rainbowsapproach to single-payer — he promises his plan will cover everything while costing the average family almost nothing. This is what Republicans fear liberals truly believe: that they can deliver expansive, unlimited benefits to the vast majority of Americans by stacking increasingly implausible, and economically harmful, taxes on the rich. Sanders is proving them right.

Clinton’s no-fly zone in Syria, weapons deals scandals, and other failed aspects of her candidacy were never fact-checked or scrutinized in the same manner as Bernie’s single payer plan.

Not be outdone, of course, is a Daily Beast article titled Bernie Sanders’s Single-Payer Health Care Plan Failed in Vermont:

Even with the Vermont debacle in the rearview mirror and Friedman’s own projections that Sanders’s “Medicare for All” would cost north of $14 trillion over 10 years, the politics of single-payer are still working for Sanders. The latest Kaiser poll showed 81 percent of Democrats favor a “Medicare for All” proposal, while 60 percent of independents favor it, too.

Clinton has dismissed Sanders’s proposal as unrealistic and a danger to the reforms that have already been enacted through the Affordable Care Act.

Oh, how giddy all the naysayers were about dismantling Bernie’s single payer utopian dream. Even acknowledging the popularity of single payer never stopped pundits from tearing apart the goal; a strategy that resulted in Trump and ACA repeal.

As for Obamacare, just read what CNN quoted Bill Clinton saying last October:

Bill Clinton calls Obamacare ‘the craziest thing in the world,’ later tries to walk it back

“So you’ve got this crazy system where all of a sudden 25 million more people have health care and then the people who are out there busting it, sometimes 60 hours a week, wind up with their premiums doubled and their coverage cut in half. It’s the craziest thing in the world,” Clinton said.

When Hillary states single payer will “never” happen and Bill calls Obamacare “crazy” – and people still vote for Clinton—don’t complain about Trump.

I highlighted in 2015 during one of my first H. A. Goodman YouTube segments why Clinton would lose to Trump:

Don’t blame Trump for advocating Republican policies; he’s a Republican. Blame establishment Democrats for cheating Bernie, when he would have easily defeated Trump and won the Electoral College. Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Michigan haven’t voted Republican since the 1980’s. All the moral outrage and indignation over Trump’s cheap attempt at replacing Obamacare should be leveled at the “I’m With Her” crowd that called Bernie voters unrealistic. This is the result of their hubris, cheating, and inability to push for single payer, or imagine a world where fracking is banned and Too Big To Fail Banks are broken apart.

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    1. but Bernie always reminds folks there is no evidence…it’s why we need the “investigations” democrats keep crying about…which I feel will BACKFIRE against the DEMS….

  1. Bernie’s latest Town Hall in VA is very telling. These people were Trump voters out of desperation, even Democrats voting for Trump. The entire room was cheering for Bernie and some even said he cares more about them that their own leadership. He is a true unifier. Bernie Would Have Won. We will have a Trump second term if Dems don’t look in the mirror and realize their awful mistakes. #Bernie2020

  2. I wish Bernie had the same mentality about running for office as a third party candidate as he did about single-payer healthcare. Countries all around the world have three, four, or even more ruling parties. We can too. Quit letting the establishment tell you how far you can go, Bernie!

    1. Apparently you don’t know how a two party system and the electoral college works. There is a reason a third party has never risen above. Bernie understands that, fools that can’t see past their last tweet, can not.

  3. revgrier@roadrunner.com
    The response from tracy reveals that what was said above is the truth. The Bible teaches us that the wicked will always respond indignantly to the truth as she has here. The arrogance of the clintons elected trump. It almost seems as though the dems worked with the republicans to hand trump the election.

    1. Nice. So I am evil and you are good? Maybe you should read what your bible actually says rather than using it as a club for bashing others. Incase you’ve never heard, religion is meant for introspection more than any other purpose. It seems your high horse may have kept you from knowing that fact. Pretty sure Jesus would have called you a pharasea, aka hypocrite.

      1. It’s spelled pharisee. And the Bible isn’t for “introspection”; it’s a fable based on other fables, including the Egyptian God Horus. It’s purpose is to control the masses.

      2. Carolab,

        I was responding to John Grier’s judgements on me, as a person, in his own language not giving a religious lesson.

        Btw it is considered inappropriate to correct another adult’s spelling or grammar unless you are asked. Spelling comes easier to some and more difficult to others as any ability or skill does, but it does not indicate a lack of intelligence as your behavior implies. Mine certainly would improve a bit if I were typing on something other than my tiny phone screen and if my spell check gave better choices. Lol

  4. yes, I too watched the town hall Bernie did in West VA with Chris Hayes. Chris actually did a pretty good job in moderating, but Bernie was spectacular. The large audience hung on his every word and it was obvious he was getting through to them. The Republicans mucking around with health care is NOT going over well with folks, and now is a great opportunity to implement single payer. I loved that guy who said a Senator from the Northeast cares more about his benefits than Mitch McConnell! Well done, Bernie.

  5. Thank you, again, H.A., for telling it like it is: Bernie was awesome and inspiring, and single payer was what many of us wanted, yet the DNC ignored the people who stand in the grassroots. Will the Demos listen to you? Or will the continue their failed policies? Only time will tell…

    1. PS my dad is Canadian and my family originally British. Single payer works. If any of you Republicans and/or anti-Bernie folks doubt that, drive up to Canada, go into any pub, and ask a local Canadian what they think of their health care system. Perfect? No. Good? Yes.

  6. Single payer is not some utopian dream. It is what most other successful developed nations have for their citizens, with just as good health outcomes for their people as we do, at about half the cost. The Hippocratic oath acknowledges that getting access to healthcare is a human right. But the Insurance companies have inserted themselves between the providers and the people (the taxpaying customers who would be happy to have their costs stabilized and spread via universal coverage that allows them the freedom to have job mobility and no worries about pre-existing conditions. This makes sense to me and I remain disappointed that both major parties failed to get this. The reason people have been dissatisfied with Obamacare is because it didn’t go far enough. It was set up to fail and the thought at the time was it would set us on the road to the desired goal of universal healthcare. Which again, is not utopian based on dozens of other nations’ successes with it for decades.

  7. if I were Bernie I would push for an investigation into the Russian hacking allegations as well. get to the truth, see the DNC servers and finally prove he won the primary.

  8. Unfortunately, Bernie lost a lot of credibility when he backed someone as obviously corrupt as H. Clinton: I’m not sure he can gain it back. There are some credible replacements for Bernie but so far they fail to motivate. This is a shame. The corporate democrats are an abomination.

  9. So much for repealing Obamacare. “Obamacare is the law of the land.” – House Speaker, Paul Ryan (R)

    Though Medicare for all is the way to go (every other modern democracy has some form of it), the current make up of Congress would not allow it to happen even if Clinton or Sanders were president.

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