Joy Reid recently blocked Julian Assange on Twitter for “stalking,” however it’s Ms. Reid who Tweeted about Assange over 10 times in the past year. From stating Assange was charged with a crime (BBC writes “Mr Assange has not been formally charged with any offence”), to trying to paint WikiLeaks as part of a dastardly Russian plot to defeat Hillary Clinton, Joy Reid has continuously mentioned Assange’s name on Twitter. Ironically, she’s also constantly complained about intimidation, while simultaneously disparaging WikiLeaks numerous times.

For a person complaining about stalking, it seems MSNBC’s Reid has done some social media stalking of her own, in addition to spreading fake news. Reid’s obsession with claiming Assange to be a rapist, even though he was never charged with a crime, can be seen in the following Tweets.

First, Assange was never charged with a crime and the United Nations has ruled that he’s being unlawfully detained:

Julian Assange arbitrarily detained by Sweden and the UK, UN expert panel finds

GENEVA (5 February 2016) – WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has been arbitrarily detained by Sweden and the United Kingdom since his arrest in London on 7 December 2010, as a result of the legal action against him by both Governments, the United Nations Working Group on Arbitrary Detention said today.

In a public statement, the expert panel called on the Swedish and British authorities to end Mr. Assange’s deprivation of liberty, respect his physical integrity and freedom of movement, and afford him the right to compensation (Check the statement:

Mr. Assange, detained first in prison then under house arrest, took refuge in Ecuador’s London embassy in 2012 after losing his appeal to the UK’s Supreme Court against extradition to Sweden, where a judicial investigation was initiated against him in connection with allegations of sexual misconduct. However, he was not formally charged.

“The Working Group on Arbitrary Detention considers that the various forms of deprivation of liberty to which Julian Assange has been subjected constitute a form of arbitrary detention,” said Seong-Phil Hong, who currently heads the expert panel.

“The Working Group maintains that the arbitrary detention of Mr. Assange should be brought to an end, that his physical integrity and freedom of movement be respected, and that he should be entitled to an enforceable right to compensation,” Mr. Hong added.

In its official Opinion, the Working Group considered that Mr. Assange had been subjected to different forms of deprivation of liberty: initial detention in Wandsworth Prison in London, followed by house arrest and then confinement at the Ecuadorean Embassy.

The experts also found that the detention was arbitrary because Mr. Assange was held in isolation at Wandsworth Prison, and because a lack of diligence by the Swedish Prosecutor’s Office in its investigations resulted in his lengthy loss of liberty.

The Working Group established that this detention violates Articles 9 and 10 of the Universal Declaration on Human Rights, and Articles 7, 9(1), 9(3), 9(4), 10 and 14 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights.

Not only is Julian Assange owed compensation, but also freedom to address any accuser without risk of extradition.

Second, Sweden already dropped it’s investigation regarding Julian Assange.

Joy Reid can Tweet from now until the end of time and Assange won’t be charged with the crime she’s desperately tried to label Assange of perpetrating; in numerous Tweets.

In addition to the fake news about a rape charge, Reid repeated a fabricated story about WikiLeaks doxing Turkish women:

Then the continued obsession with correlating WikiLeaks to Russia, despite the fact zero evidence exists of such a correlation:

We’ve already addressed the fake news claim of nonexistent rape charges, but Reid also adds the Russian hacking myth in this Tweet. Unlike Reid, James Clapper has stated no direct evidence exists of Trump working with Russia:

If Joy Reid doesn’t believe Clapper, she might believe fellow Democrat Dianne Feinstein:

As for DNC servers and “Russian hackers,” Former Secretary of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson stated he had no evidence of Trump working with Russia and admitted DNC servers were never seen by anyone in the U.S. government:

Thus, it’s a bit difficult to rely on the “moderate confidence” assessment of the NSA regarding servers that have never been looked at by the NSA, FBI, or CIA. The FBI and CIA are only “highly confident,” not certain. Nobody in the U.S. government is certain of anything regarding the Russian hacking story. By the way, The New York Times and AP just retracted the now debunked claim that 17 intelligence agencies believe Russia “hacked” the election.

However, Reid has continued with the Trump/Russia/WikiLeaks/Assange fake news allegations since 2016:

Then there’s the argument Reid would never level against Clinton, who’s admits taking money from some of the worlds greatest human rights violators:

And then there are the segments attacking WikiLeaks on her show:

There are likely more examples of Joy Reid obsessing over Assange, but like the Democratic Party, Reid has accused her political rival of something she’s engaged in; over 10 Tweets could be defined as social media stalking.

For an amazing recap of Reid’s latest interaction with Julian Assange and WikiLeaks, watch the Tim Black segment that was recently Re-tweeted by Julian Assange:

For my humble take on Joy Reid’s penchant for spreading fake news about Assange and WikiLeaks, here’s a segment on H. A. Goodman YouTube:

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  1. Thanks for this, Caitlyn. Reid is so odious and so obviously a shill for her corporate bosses that she needs to be called out on her fake news as much as possible. She attacked Wikileaks because its truth is so threatening to these corporate bosses.

  2. Joy is nothing but a smear job propagandist who is overpaid to confuse hillbots into thinking Russia has something to do with Wikileaks even though they’ve released documents proving they’re pretty corrupt too, they just can’t compete with our government’s corruption.

  3. Joy Reid is just one more DNC propagandist in the corporate media. Assange has more integrity than all of them combined.

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